The July 1996 News Release
Announcing Cole Sonafrank's
Assembly Campaign

Contact: Cole Sonafrank, 474-7277 (work) 474-8831 (home)

Planning Commission Chair Cole Sonafrank is a candidate for Borough Assembly. He is Supervisor of the Computer Resource Center at UAF's Geophysical Institute where he has worked for 17 years. He is married to wife Nancy and has a daughter Colette in 11th grade as West Valley High School and a son Eli in 7th grade at Ryan Jr. High. He earned a bachelor's degree in economics from UAF in 1986. He has been on the Planning Commission since 1990 and the Ester Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors since 1988. He served as the Alaska state delegate to the  League of  Women Voters 1996 national convention.

"I've grown to appreciate that progress results from people with very different ideas working together to develop common goals," Sonafrank said in a prepared statement. "My experience in the community has taught me much about facilitating effective citizen participation and building consensus. These skills are what we need on the Assembly." Sonafrank promises to run a positive, issue-oriented campaign as he did in 1993 when he came within 0.7% of attaining a seat on the Borough Assembly.

Sonafrank believes that important issues for the borough government during this election include: 1) increasing local hire for large projects, 2) ensuring adequate funding for education, 3) reducing bar hours to enhance public safety, and 4) encouraging a greater emphasis on recycling as part of the borough's solid waste program. "Our community is growing and changing. I want to help ensure that our local government's role in that change is a positive one. Our government should include and reflect the values of our diverse population."

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